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Sweetest Day
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Sweetest Day is always the third Saturday in October. While the holiday is much more important for candy makers in some regions than in others (Detroit, Cleveland and Buffalo being the biggest Sweetest Day cities), it is a holiday that is gaining in popularity every year throughout the country. Some RCI members even report that Sweetest Day sales exceed Mothers Day!

For some background, over 60 years ago, a Cleveland man, believing that the city’s orphans and shut-ins too often felt forgotten and neglected, conceived the idea of showing them that they were remembered by the distribution of small gifts. With the help of his friends and neighbors, he distributed these small remembrances on a Saturday in October. During the years that followed, other Clevelanders began to participate in the celebration ceremony, which came to be called "Sweetest Day.” In time the Sweetest Day idea of spreading cheer to the underprivileged was broadened to include everyone and became an occasion for remembering others with a kind act or a small remembrance. And soon the idea spread to other cities all over the country.

Sweetest Day is not based on any single group’s religious sentiment or on a family relationship. It is a reminder that a thoughtful word or deed enriches life and gives it meaning.

Because for many people, remembering takes the form of gift-giving, Sweetest Day offers an unusual opportunity for selling all kinds of gift items. Falling midway between Father's Day in June and Christmas in December, Sweetest Day provides an occasion for the opening of fall merchandising programs and the promotion of various products, not the least of which is candy and boxed chocolate.

Ideas to Promote Sweetest Day 

  • Remind customers when talking with them of the coming of Sweetest Day.
  • Let your local newspaper know about Sweetest Day and what preparations your business has  made to help customers celebrate it.
  • Be prepared to explain Sweetest Day and to make suggestions regarding appropriate gifts, keeping in mind that the possibilities are limitless.
  • Be sure that merchandise advertised for Sweetest Day is prominently displayed.