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2015 Fall Tours
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Harbor Candy Shop
In the tradition of yesteryear's American and European candy shops, Harbor Candy Shop produces fresh chocolates daily for customers to walk in and treat themselves to a sweet respite. Each ingredient is carefully selected, from superior quality chocolate to nuts meeting the best standard for each variety, pure vanilla, real butter and dairy cream, to fresh eggs from hens that have some open air and freedom. Quality ingredients, pride and professional commitment make the recipe for candies adored both locally and internationally.

Attendees will get to experience the retail shop and production areas - both chocolate production and cooking kitchen.
Haven's Candies 

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Herbert Haven founded Haven’s Candies in1915, after following his sweetheart from Boston to Portland. They courted and married and soon Herbert and his new wife were handcrafting candies in their kitchen and selling them from the front parlor of their home on Forest Avenue. Today, with current owner, Erin Collins, Haven’s continues to thrive by sticking to their roots, handcrafting premium candies using traditional methods, the finest ingredients and a commitment to superior quality.

Attendees will get to view the retail and production areas at Haven's Candies. Haven's still uses the starch moulding and hand funneling techniques.

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Len Libby Candies
As the third oldest business in Scarborough, Maine, Len Libby Candies has a rich history built on classic recipes and the finest ingredients. Named after the founder and the “Dean of Maine Candymakers,” Len Libby is famous for another name as well - that of its life-size chocolate moose, Lenny. Made of 1,700 pounds of chocolate, Lenny has been seen on national television and attracts sightseers from all over the world. 

Attendees are invited to Len Libby Candies for an ice cream social and will also get to view the retail side of the business and watch a video about the making of Lenny.

Optional Tour: Dean's Sweets 



As an accomplished architect for decades, Dean Bingham's sense of aesthetics and high standards made truffle-making an irresistible pursuit. What started as a casual sideline, Dean began making truffles years ago. As he hand-dipped each truffle, he was always attentive to proportion, texture, hue, and above all, taste. Dean's Sweets officially opened for business in 2004. 

Due to the facility size, not all attendees will be able to tour at one time. Dean has invited members of RCI to visit on their own during the times listed below.

   • Monday, September 14, 2015 from 3:00 - 5:00 pm
   • Wednesday, September 16, 2015 from 4:00 - 6:00 pm


 Bixby & Co.

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Kate McAleer and mother, Donna, founded Bixby & Co. in 2011 with a desire to create a healthy and delicious chocolate candy bar. Both Donna and Kate attended courses on chocolate and confections programs   learning the art of chocolate making and, of course,  Kate’s trial and error in the family kitchen. The result was the Bixby Bars, which consist of unique combinations of chocolate, dried fruits, nuts, and spices made of real food ingredients, an artisanal candy bar with no extra sugar, preservatives or additives. To date, Bixby Bars are sold in over 1,500 stores across the nation. 

Attendees will get to see Bixby's production facility which is located in a century old former ice plant in the historic harbor district of Rockland, Maine.

State of Maine Cheese
Since 1983, State of Maine Cheese Co. has been hand-crafting award winning cheeses. They specialize in mild and sharp cheddars, plain and flavored Monterey Jacks, Caerphilly, Gouda, and other unique small batch cheeses. Milk is sourced from the best farms in Maine, and they make sure to use as much Jersey and Guernsey cow milk as possible - the best for making high quality cheese.

Attendees will experience a cheese making demonstration according to what is in demand for the season.
Wilburs of Maine Chocolate Confections

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Wilbur’s of Maine began in 1983, when full-time teachers, Tom Wilbur and Catherine Carty-Wilbur, opened a candy store as a way to supplement their incomes. Wilbur’s focuses on innovation in virtually every element of their business. Recently they added solar panels to offset electricity cost and reduce their carbon footprint. They also source ingredients such as butter, cream and vanilla from local producers.

Attendees will visit the retail and production areas which includes the panning room.